Q. Why do I want or need hydraulic top and tilt cylinders?

A. So that you can make 3pt adjustments without stopping and/or getting off of your tractor. Let's be real about this. In the real world the majority of 3pt adjustments that need to or should be made simply are not made when they have to be made manually. How many people stop the tractor, get off, make the adjustment, get back on, go for a few feet, stop, get back off the tractor, readjust the 3pt, get back on and go on their way. Stop and repeat again and again. This all takes time and a lot of effort. In the real world, most simply do not do this and because of this, the end result suffers from the lack of adjustments when they should have been made.

With the hydraulic top and tilt system these difficult and time consuming adjustments can be made in a split second and can even be made on the move, all from the comfort of the tractor seat.

Q. Why do 3pt adjustments need to be made?

A. So that you can get the maximum capabilities from your implements. The top link may need to be adjusted for front - back tilt to be able to dig more or less aggressively or to smooth out the surface that you have been or will be working on.

Adjustment of the side link will provide side to side tilt so that a crown can be put on a road. A ditch can be cut into a roadside or just be cleaned out. You can make adjustments to cut sloping ground and end up with a flat level surface.

Q. Are your top and tilt cylinders made to fit my tractor?

A. Yes, not only do we match cylinder diameters to your tractor size, but we custom make the links to properly fit your tractor make and model.

Q. Are these top and tilt hydraulic cylinders easy to install?

A. The average person with only a little mechanical ability should be able to install a complete top and tilt set in about an hour, as long as you already have the two rear remotes that are needed.

Q. Why do you have different sizes?

A. We build different sizes so that we can match the proper size to the size of your tractor. All tractors are not the same so we make different sizes for different size tractors.

Q. Do your tilt cylinders tilt the implement to both sides?

A. Yes, there will be an equal amount of tilt to both the left and right sides.

Q. Do I have to get what you recommend?

A. No. You can get whatever you want. Some people prefer to get a larger size cylinder. We recommend what we feel is more than adequate for your size tractor.

Q. What kind of warranty do these carry?

A. A limited lifetime warranty. Any material failure will be replaced with the return of the failed product from the original purchaser.

Q. What do I need to get started?

A. You need one remote hydraulic control valve for each hydraulic cylinder.

Q. Do you sell hydraulic control valves?

A. Yes, we do!

Q. What is your shipping policy?

A. We ship both UPS and USPS in the United States. We ship USPS to all other countries.

Q. How long does it take to get my order?

A. Lead times can vary from quoted lead times due to unforeseen circumstances that are beyond our control.

Current lead time is about twenty (20) weeks.

Q. How long will it take to get use to using the hydraulic top and tilt links?

. That depends on the person. Some people get use to them very quickly and can make the needed adjustments on the fly. Others should make the adjustments with the tractor stopped. Either way it is still faster and easier than getting off the tractor and making the adjustments manually. You really can't go wrong by having a hydraulic top and tilt cylinder on your 3pt hitch.

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